We will work with your management group to improve leadership ability. All leaders need followers. Some people are natural leaders and some are not. SLP Alaska’s philosophy defines a discernable difference between management and leadership. We can help you turn your managers into leaders that people will want to follow. We will incorporate several leadership principles, through a set of training sessions, which will enable your organization to develop applicable guiding principles. By following these principles, SLP Alaska will help you achieve sustainable efficient business development.

SLP Alaska will review all of your current safety, health and environmental plans for AKOSH and Federal OSHA compliance. We can keep you abreast of forthcoming changes to all applicable laws and regulations. SLP Alaska can also help you understand how to interpret and apply the Codes of Federal Regulation. We will streamline your compliance efforts and make it into the best process possible for your business. Recordkeeping is a very complex process. SLP Alaska will help you identify what constitutes a recordable injury and what keeps an injury from being recordable on your OSHA 300 Log. We will also assist you in applying the Alaska Statutes that apply to the Worker’s Compensation laws. SLP Alaska will write State and Federally compliant plans to suit your needs.

SLP Alaska will monitor your workforce and provide detailed safety performance improvement planning. Our observation based performance enhancement process allows SLP Alaska to identify areas of loss and enable you to reduce or eliminate that loss potential. We will assist in coaching your employees and manager’s to an understanding that safety is not the absence of injury and incident; but the presence of safe behavior. SLP Alaska will teach you how to apply the laws and standards that apply to your business and how to enable your workforce to maintain a good safety performance record.

SLP Alaska can interface with your insurance Broker and lobby to lower your current insurance rates to a much more desirable rate. Through communication of the continuous improvement process, SLP Alaska can demonstrate measureable improvement in performance and, through the insurance Broker, convince the underwriter to lower the cost of insurance premiums for your organization. This is contingent on the level of commitment your organization is willing to show in improving your safety performance.

Drug and Alcohol:
SLP Alaska can provide on-site drug and alcohol testing. In addition, we can develop a compliant drug and alcohol program for your organization. SLP Alaska can arrange for a 3rd party Medical Review Officer (MRO) to support your drug and alcohol program and provide Supervisor Training for the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse.

Fit for Duty:
SLP Alaska can develop a fit for duty process that will eliminate unnecessary risks of employing candidates that cannot safely perform essential job functions. We can coordinate with medical professionals to provide medical opinions to employers in regards to the physical capabilities of injured employees and prospective job candidates.

Project Safety Support:
If your organization has a need for short or long-term safety representation, we have the availability to provide some of the most qualified safety professionals in the State. We have professionally credentialed safety professionals with years of experience in construction, general industry, oil and gas, fisheries, and transportation industries.

Safety Engineering and Design:
SLP Alaska can provide professional designing to your projects to predict, eliminate and control hazards. We utilize state-of-the art technology to show you what your project will look like and how it will operate in a safer and more employee friendly manner at the design stage so you can prevent injuries and work process mistakes and avoid having to re-work any part of your project. We utilize the years of experience of our team members to engineer a safer place to work.

SLP Alaska can offer a complete list of training courses. We can arrange training through 3rd party vendors as well as specific onsite training. For a complete list of training classes available through SLP Alaska, refer to our Programs and Training page or contact us for more detail.

Craft Training:
Through our network, we can provide an NCCER Master Trainer to assist your organizations professional development efforts. We also offer DOT-OQ training and certifications through the NCCER.

Expert Witnessing:
SLP Alaska can provide expert witnessing for cases related to occupational health and safety.

General Counseling:
SLP Alaska is available to provide general workplace safety counseling.

Incident Investigation:
SLP Alaska has an expert incident investigator that is available to respond to your investigation needs. We utilize root cause analysis and can assist in developing and implementing corrective actions.

OSHA Representation:
Our staff of safety practitioners can represent your firm in the event of an OSHA inspection or notice of violation.

Risk Assessments:
SLP Alaska can provide detailed risk assessments including JHA/JSA development and provide Quality Solutions to mitigate risks.

Fraudulent Claim Dispute:
We can assist in reducing fraudulent claims against your company in a number of ways.

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