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All leaders need followers. Some people are natural leaders, and some are not. SLP Alaska’s philosophy defines a discernable difference between management and leadership. We can help turn your managers into leaders who your people will want to follow.

We will incorporate core leadership and ownership principles through a set of training sessions, which will enable your organization to develop applicable guiding principles, paving your roadmap to success. With our leadership coaching and mentoring process, you won’t have to spend 2-years spending money with little results. We aren’t like most “Leadership” coaches. Our approach is no-nonsense, straightforward leadership. You’ll have results almost immediately and you’ll have your sustainability plan in place and fully functioning within 6 months. No long-term contracts are required.


SLP Alaska will review all of your current safety, health, and environmental plans for State and Federal OSHA compliance. We can keep you notified of forthcoming changes to all applicable laws and regulations. SLP Alaska can also help you understand how to interpret and apply the Codes of Federal Regulation. We will streamline your compliance efforts and make it into the best process possible for your business.


Record keeping is a very complex process. SLP Alaska will help you avoid costly mistakes by offering you expert injury case management services to navigate the 29 CFR 1904 Recordkeeping regulations. We will also assist you in understanding and applying your State Statutes regarding Worker’s Compensation laws. Most companies are paying through the nose for claims they can easily avoid just by using our expert case managers.



SLP Alaska will monitor your workforce and provide detailed safety performance improvement planning. Our observation-based performance enhancement process allows SLP Alaska to identify areas of loss and enable you to reduce or eliminate that loss potential. We will assist in coaching your employees and managers to understand that safety is not the absence of injury and incident but the presence of safe behavior. SLP Alaska will teach you how to apply the laws and standards that apply to your business and enable your workforce to maintain a good safety performance record.


SLP Alaska can interface with your insurance Broker and lobby to lower your current insurance rates by demonstrating measurable safety performance improvements in your work process. This is contingent on the level of commitment your organization is willing to show in improving your safety performance.

Drug and Alcohol

SLP Alaska provides office and remote drug and alcohol testing. We use a nationally recognized laboratory for analysis of drug screens with a widely known MRO (medical review officer). We have a state-of-the-art Evidential Breath Testing machine which is admissible in court and on the approved list for the DOT. We also develop drug and alcohol programs that will meet the needs of your organization.

SLP Alaska is a recognized TPA (third-party administrator) and we can host your employees in our Random-Ware to draw your monthly random screening candidates. We also provide Supervisor Training for the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, people have problems with drugs and alcohol. As an employer and a supervisor, it is your responsibility to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards that can kill or injure your employees. Sometimes those hazards are influenced by drugs and alcohol. You need to know the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse to keep your employees safe, even if from themselves.

Fit for Duty

SLP Alaska can develop a fit-for-duty process to eliminate unnecessary risks of employing candidates who cannot safely perform essential job functions.

We can coordinate with medical professionals to provide medical opinions to employers regarding the physical capabilities of injured employees and prospective job candidates.

Project Safety Support

If your organization needs short or long-term safety representation, we provide the most sensible and qualified safety professionals to assist your project teams. We have professionally credentialed safety folks with years of experience in construction, general industry, oil and gas, fisheries, transportation, and all other industries. We may have the knowledge and ability to apply regulations to “real-time” work scenarios, but we always approach YOUR work like it’s yours. We will not employ “Safety Cops” and will never use a “Gotcha!” approach. It is counterproductive and inhibits our ability to build lasting relationships with the people who DO the work. If you need a drill sergeant, we have those, too! We can also support your efforts globally with our NEBOSH certified professionals.

SLP Alaska, LLC
SLP Alaska, LLC

Safety Engineering and Design

Sometimes an objective “cold-eyes” review is prudent to make sure you are capturing all necessary “Safety-by-Design” elements. We would be happy to assist your team at the design stages to predict, eliminate, and control potential hazards. We have access to some of the top talents in safety engineering and we can bring that to work for you without having to hire someone full-time.

SLP Alaska, LLC


SLP Alaska offers a complete list of training courses to meet your training needs. We conduct training at our office location and are able to travel anywhere in the United States and its Territories to provide the BEST training experiences money can buy for your teams. We also offer online training here.

We also offer an App-based training and safety management system. Contact us for more information!

SLP Alaska, LLC

Expert Witnessing

SLP Alaska provides expert witnessing for cases related to premises liability, personal injury claims, and other types of litigation. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

General Counseling

SLP Alaska is available to provide general workplace safety counseling and performance coaching.

Incident Investigation

SLP Alaska has expert incident investigators who are available to respond to your investigation needs. We utilize root cause analysis, latent cause analysis, and critical human action profiles to develop effective corrective actions. We also follow up and audit corrective actions to identify unintended consequences.

OSHA Representation

Our staff of safety practitioners can represent your firm in the event of an OSHA inspection or notice of violation.

Risk Assessments

SLP Alaska can provide detailed risk assessments, including JHA/JSA development, and provide Quality Solutions to mitigate risks.

Fraudulent Claim Dispute

We can assist in reducing fraudulent claims against your company in a number of ways.

SLP Alaska, LLC